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Calendar 2022

 PURE PASSION POWER CAFÉ (to join our FREE weekly webinars go to the LIFE CENTER Zoom meetings)
 FREE Personal Healing sessions online (international) by Skype call
 FREE WebiWORK - Workshop online via Zoom meeting (details on FB page: @travellingangel)
 Deeper Healing sessions online - Skype or phone (appointments)
 No activities (or not available yet)

Pure Passion Power (café)

Last February I was planning to give lectures on health issues and how to be happy, by making your dreams come true.

Since that was not allowed to happen, we hung on for almost a year, searching for other ways to keep busy and happy.

Since travelling is almost BANNED from humanity and my goal is to live a  kind of nomadic life style, guiding others on their journeys as well.

In a modern society, indiviDUALity had taken over the common-unity, where people in general were far away from their own nature.

Because of this unusual physical distance, I have decided to bring people back together energetically and start with a WEEKLY ONLINE MEETING PLACE via Zoom.
The idea is for people to share delicate subjects, emotions, maybe even secrets, and ask questions about life's biggest challenges.

It probably takes courage to join this group, although we ask you to step up and join it for your own well-being.
Be brave and curious and ask for the zoom link.

I will do my utmost to manage or defend values like respect and honesty.

You are very welcome to come to the first LIFE CENTER Café and share your Pure Passion Power with others who will hopefully do the same.

You could see this initiative as a group of people coming together in a circle, where a subject is chosen and talked about, where questions can be asked and individuals can reconnect with other like minded people, on that specific topic of that day.

I hope to see you on January 12th, 2021... 


Individual Healing sessions

Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday.