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About me

Being born in Antwerp, Belgium and raised in a loving family together with her older brother, she was always intrigued by what people ‘thought’ and how they ‘functioned’ ("bezieling" in Dutch is translated to posses or be driven by the soul).

The subconscious question always lingered about what drives people to the actions, good or bad, they take!

Being raised as an atheist (no religion) it gave her the opportunity to find out about life for herself.

The most important thing she was taught growing up was HONESTY! Together with a good dose of warmth and caring, she became the loving and understanding person she is today. Also with many flaws, just like anybody else.

Teaching others what she had learned for herself by experience for more than a decade about life and ‘the ways of the universe’ was the result of surviving a burn-out in 2005. Looking for answers using natural therapies, bringing her back to her ’self’, made it possible (again) to make her dreams come true.

Always growing, learning, accepting with ups and downs, being challenged to the fullest and finally achieving her goal to live, breath, eat, sleep, work and be happy on Portuguese soil.

She could really say: “The authentic I was born again”


I very much thank my teachers in Belgium, Flora and Bruno Billiet-Verhelst (constellation work & much more), Sofie and Serge Van Gampelaere-De Vos  from Centrum Open Mind (constellation work & trauma healing), Fran de Frangh (regression) and my Cranio therapist Carla Beckers. They all have been supporting me for many years, helping me treat my ‘issues’ with respect, understanding and dignity.
Also Carolla Castillo who introduced me to the ENERGY WORK (she calls it Reconstructivas) as I felt I had the 'highest score' of the whole class...

I especially thank my parents, as they are my reason of being. Also my late brother Serge, who I feel is now my protective Guardian Angel.

And a very special thanks to Lucien Luyckx, whom I only met once, for giving me the absolute motivation to make it all happen!


Peggy Penninckx (11 sept 1968)