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The Travelling Angel.com LÍVING PÁSSION!
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Workshops in Algarve (Portugal)

Small workshops (max. 5 pers.) are presently given in the region of Algarve, Portugal.

At the moment I am offering a limited number of activities/workshops...

At some point in life many of us will realize that there is much more in life than we believe. Mother Nature is allowing humans to live on this planet. We truly need to take care of it. Meaning: EACH one of us needs to mainly take care of our OWN body, mind and soul. 

Therefor these workshops, I wish to organize, are an invitation for anybody who wishes to be(come) (more) happy! By cleaning-up trauma's or actions from the past, that (might) still hold you back, to live the life your were meant to live. And do that passionately!

Since I love guiding people with "rather heavy" issues/challenges, I just take little time to develop this website only to focus on what is really important: HAPPINESS!

So, if you are willing to be more happy... please sign up for your next workshop and check out my Facebookpage   

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€ 25,00

Workshop:  Mandala drawing - Flower of Life

Duration: 2,5 hours

Location: Algarve, Portugal, Europe 

About: I teach you the basics to make the drawing by using a compass. No experience of drawing is needed. Making this drawing has many advantages and can be very therapeutic.

Goal: connecting more with yourself, healing or removing any blockages that present themselves in the moment.  You might be surprised of your own creativity!  

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