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The Travelling Angel.com LÍVING PÁSSION!
The Travelling Angel guides...

Most welcome / Welkom / Bem Vindo

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I invite you to surf around and see what unique kind of "goodies" you can find here. If you are looking for unusual things... you have come to the right address.

Today, economic values have changed so much we, as humanity, had to change a lot too. If fear and lack of trust is alive within you, you migth want to continue reading here.

Most of us are being challenged to the fullest these days. We are in fact obliged to give it our best, to be able to survive decay and some times even panic around us.

Today the key words to survival are... ADJUSTMENT and LOYALTY to the self. I love natural and alternative treatments, and I loved offering them to my clients, yet since that has been almost impossible to do, I too have made the decision, like many others, to turn into another more prosperous direction.
My services are still intended for individuals who seek more out of life then just daily routine, so as of January 2021 I am organising international meet-ups ONLINE for anyone to get together in a Zoom meeting where the challenges of life can be discussed in an informal way. Please fill out the contact form to join the weekly Zoom meetings.

I have already made some real big dreams come true... if you'd like to know how I can guide you... keep reading please. 

The general message I would like to give, is to go back to "nature's ways" as much as we can in this modern society of internet and digital development, leaving behind "old and stubborn structures". This pandemic is the perfect 'excuse' to do that now.
To change, to create... and to clean our environment, not only our hands and our homes, but also energetically: The cleansing of the body, mind and soul! Do the work!

Are you stuck in any way, or do you have the feeling something is missing? I am most likely able to guide you on your way (again)...
Are you presently happy or content with your life? Does it need more, and what? What would YOU need more of?
If you were able to go with the flow and meet the challenges LIFE has offered you? Then that is great! Congratulations. I can only support it more!
But... if you are (still) struggling or having diffucilty surviving (barely), I believe it is the right time for you to DECIDE... NOW, to get better, and to definately get in touch with me. That FIRST STEP (to enlightenment)  could be taken by making an appointment (or by joining the FREE webinars). You can also just call me and hear my catching enthousiasme. Hopefully I can infect you with it... (lol)
I love to guide people, who want to help themselves... as long as they will let me!
Don't stay being the bug in the high grass, but become the beautiful butterfly that nature intended you to be…. and fly, fly, FLY!!!

(Because the next step will be FLOATING instead of FLYING!!)


.. don't just 'feel' free... but  BE FREE !