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The Travelling Angel.com LÍVING PÁSSION!
The Travelling Angel guides...

Consults in Algarve, Portugal (private sessions)

My goal is to guide individuals thru a path that obstacles can be overcome. Many experiences have been stacked up in the body, sometimes even without a conscious knowledge. Often de person does not even realize a traumatic incident results in taking the same decisions over and over again, while the life keeps popping up clear messages, and apparently they cannot be read or translated by the person themselves.

I help those brave ones who wish to "work" on their energetic clean-up or cleansing and direct them to their true feeling again. It is there were we are very peaceful, resourceful and strong. I do that by challenging and supporting them, only to make them feel there is always a safety net (and not always the one we expect of course).

Most healers or coaches are guiding online now. We still have local meetings in ALga
I also organise webinars now in the form of an online casual Zoom meeting where all kinds of topics can be discussed as we would normally do on Terrace Talks. 
Join us now in our online café and share Pure Passion Power in group.
To join: just fill in the contact form with the request and the link will be sent to you.  


In the future, when travelling and natural social behaviour is allowed and accepted again, I will use the following spontaneaous actions, as I used to:

Sessions on sight (on the spot) are very spontaneous and meant to physically meet. They are like the encounter on the market, in a friends house, near the beach, or at the local diner. Or any imaginable adventurous way.

A safe place is selected to do the delicate and rewarding work. This can take about 1 to 2 hours per session.

Sessions on site
 (kind like an open office outdoors) are more planned but can still be very spontaneous. I choose a location in the Algarve (or else where, depending of where I am travelling), and open up my beautiful soul to anybody who wishes to seek (more) freedom. 

Depending on coincidence... which does not exist by the way.. I will attract those other human beings who have (sometimes secretly) asking for cosmic help!

So her I am. It is no coincidence!

I hope you come to meet me in person.. or if you are too far away in distance, there is always the possiblility to make contact by videocall (Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Telegram).