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Looking for new working spaces in Lagos- Alvor-Luz-Portimão (Portugal)

NC new space in Lagos.jpg

I could use some help to find new locations to give lectures and/or workshops in the Western Algarve.
For example for the Energy Work and Systemic Work, I would need a big, bright and quiet room. And a nice soothing therapy room with massage table for the Cranio Sacral therapy would be super! Please go to the contact form if you think you have a space I could use or rent.

Are you (in general) happy or unhappy with your life?

Some people are really happy with their lives... In that case I would love to meet you and maybe we could be friends.

If you are UNhappy with your life, I would certainly want to meet you because I could hand you some tools to change that. My work is very effective in most cases, providing you are open to change(s). To make your appointment for a healing session or a consultation click here.